Weekly Recap – Saturday, May 30

Hey Blessed Mess!

If you’ve just discovered me, welcome to the messiness. I’m really glad you’re here and I hope I can impact your life in some small way, whether it’s help you with content, encouragement or to give you a laugh.

I’m still getting everything set up on the store side. I haven’t even started testing yet, other than signing myself up to the system, but that doesn’t really count as a true test. I do have a paid product and a free product up. Yay!

My left wrist is a bit jacked up, which makes typing a bit difficult, so I’ll keep this short.

Sue has just released at new 2021 Calendar Foundation Kit. This will make it super easy for you to add calendar templates to your projects.

I’ve added a Recipe Book Binder to my store. These are great for people who like to create their own 3-ring binders to keep things neat and organized.

I do give resell rights to my Easy Add Ins PowerPoint templates. The rest of the content in my packages is for standard commercial and/or standard private label rights, but you’re free to add the templates to products and see them within a template pack.

That’s it for me this week. I’m working on some other templates to get put up in the store, so not much excitement around here.


Be Blessed!

Be sure to grab my Welcome Kit! There are several things that can help you, like a motivational workbook, a Christian reflections journal and several other goodies. Fill in the form below to grab those. These are not PLR. They are personal use PDF files.


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