Stepping into Leadership: An Always-On-Duty Role

Have you ever felt like you should be leading more, but something keeps holding you back? Maybe you’re afraid you’ll always be on-the-job. And that is partly true, but let’s dig a little deeper. Chances are if you feel the calling to be in a leadership position, the tug is always there and mostly likely you’re always leading, even when you’re not at a paid job or on-the-job.

Being a leader isn’t something you take on and off like a coat. Leadership skills and operating from a leadership perspective is something leaders do on and off duty. That’s because the skill sets that make a great leader also make great:

  • Spouses
  • Parents
  • Community partners
  • Volunteers


  • Mentors

If you do any of the above things, you’re already a leader and it’s a role that comes naturally to you, but maybe you don’t think of taking care of the house and family as a leadership role. It’s just something you do, right?

Great leaders don’t go to work and put on their leadership hats only to take them off when they leave. Great leaders lead in all that they do. They lead by how they

  • Solve problems
  • Approach conflict
  • Prioritize their schedule
  • Treat people in their lives


  • Much more!


Great leaders succeed in their leadership because their leadership skills are ingrained in their everyday life. How you see them when they lead is also how you’ll see them when they’re behind closed doors.

In the truest sense, everyone is a leader one way or another. Your title might not officially place you in a leadership role, but you are leading. Whether it’s leading your family, friends, or a small group of people volunteering in the community, you are leading. Taking on a leadership mindset on and off duty can help you be a more effective leader that people willingly and enthusiastically follow.

It’s important to realize that people are always watching, and in doing so they are evaluating one another; their leadership skills and getting behind the people who are leading the way. People feel comfortable with others who are confident, considerate, and consistent in their behavior and their attitude.

Not all leaders desire to lead. Some people are placed in situations where they are required to lead despite their preference to blend into the crowd. Leadership is important though, and having the courage to lead…even when you don’t want to…is important too. Sometimes you’ve got to take the reins and do what’s best for the situation.

Whether you plan to lead or find yourself leading unexpectedly, you are going to lead at some point. Everyone is leading somehow and making things better for others in the process. Be aware of the importance of leadership and having a leadership mindset whether you are at work, at home, or in the community. Be aware of your impact on others and be sure that your leadership style is motivating and encouraging so you aren’t overrunning others or making them feel inadequate. The best leaders consistently make those they lead feel empowered and capable of whatever tasks need to be done.

I’ve felt drawn to be a leader for a big part of my life. And like a lot of people, I simply push it aside because—well, it’s a self-esteem issue. I don’t always feel qualified and to be honest I’m scared of letting people down. I have always done great at stepping up to the plate when needed, but it’s the day to day stuff that causes me to fear failure and letting others down. But, you don’t have to spot-on all the time. Sometimes people need to see that you’re not perfect and that you keep trying despite the setbacks. A good leader can see where they went wrong, admit it and start moving forward again.

That’s kind of where I’m at in life right now. I feel like a lot of things have just tanked in my life, and yes, I did step away for a long time. But the call never really quieted itself. It’s still there and still growing stronger. So, I’m just going to move forward with it and see where it goes. I know where some of my strong areas are, and I need to focus on those and encourage others to do so as well.

Moving forward with this blog (and business) I will be sharing more business related content, some leadership content and hopefully a lot of encouragement in the self-improvement arena, too.

All the best,


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