Binder: Recipe Book Binder

Binder: Recipe Book Binder

What's Included in this package?

Ready to Print PDF Files:

  • Recipe Book with index and enough pages for 30 recipes.
  • Covers in 4 designs
  • Spines in 4 designs
  • Bonus: Recipe cards

Cover Files (jpg):

  • Covers in 4 designs
  • Spines in 4 designs

PowerPoint Templates:

  • Recipe Book
  • Spines Template
  • Recipe Cards

What Can I Do With This Content?

The PowerPoint templates come with Developer/Commercial Rights. See complete Terms of Use.

The pdf files can be uploaded to POD sites to create print journals. (Please note the size: 8.5x11)
You can sell the pdf files to your customers or give them away as free gifts or bonus items. (However, I do recommend you edit the source files to add your own branding.)
You can sell the cover graphics to your customers within a packaged product. (You cannot do so with the original Pixabay files included in this package.)



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